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What is PauseOnError?

PauseOnError is a self-organizing effort of software developers and consultants who use FileMaker. PauseOnError content is created by the attendees in a low tech and high touch environment, so leave Powerpoint at home and come prepared to share the mic.

The first PauseOnError was held in New York City in 2009, where everyone got about two weeks notice about the event, and we all gathered to talk about FileMaker. Since the first Pause, there have been five PauseOnError events and two Pause[x] events held in London and Berlin.

The PauseOnError Steering Committee consists of Ernest Koe, John Sindelar, Matt Navarre, and Gerald Chang. Distinguished Steering Committee alumni include Molly Connolly, Andy Gaunt, and Kate Lee.

How did you pick Cleveland as the location for the next PauseOnError?

Dan Weiss from Adatasol suggested since it was centrally located in the US while offering excellent facilities that was less a expensive alternative to other cities.

How did you select the hotel?

We visited several hotels in the Cleveland area, and Metropolitan at the 9 had the best combination of rooms, facilities, and spaces to network, discuss and learn. It's also really cool.

The first few PauseOnError conferences were free, why are you charging now?

PauseOnError started six years ago as a self-organizing event. This is our 7th PauseOnError conference, and as the conference has grown, as the Steering Committee, we want to provide attendees with a valuable learning and networking opportunity.

Based on attendee feedback from the last Pause conference, attendees didn't enjoy sitting on the floor or in the bath tub, and wanted to avoid the "bohemian seating arrangements". Attendees also enjoyed the opportunities to network during the lunch breaks and snack breaks, when everyone was in the same room. It was clear we had outgrown the Ace Hotel, and we established some criteria for a host hotel, such as number of rooms, meeting facilities and cool factor.

Your ticket allows us to pay for conference facilities and to provide a comfortable environment conducive to learning, encourage great networking and community-building opportunities. PauseOnError is a not-for-profit venture. Our objective is to provide an educational forum on which we can all collaborate to grow our community.

The goal for each event is to cover our expenses and break even, and have some buffer for future events.

Who does all the planning for a PauseOnError conference?

Gerald Chang from Eight² Inc. planned the last conference in Portland, and is working on this conference. He is in charge of the pre-event logistics, including selecting a location, and negotiating with the hotel on the event details regarding audio-visual, food & beverage, services, etc.

Who is hosting the PauseOnError conference in Cleveland?

Adatasol is the host firm for the Cleveland conference. Dan Weiss and staff will be running all the on-site and event logistics

Can I get a refund once I purchase a ticket?

Unfortunately no. As a not-for-profit event, we depend on your ticket fees to make commitments to the hotel and other vendors months in advanced. If you have questions, please email us.

Will a future PauseOnError conference be hosted in my city?

Yes, please email us to start the conversation!