What makes a strong developer community?

Mark Baum

Mint Ballroom B
I'll frame this question for a few minutes and then facilitate a group discussion. I don't want to present as an Official FileMaker Person or to engage in a specific critique of FileMaker’s offerings. I'm interested in sharing what developer communities we have created or been part of:

  • What approaches have worked well for us
  • What approaches haven't worked well
  • What we need from each other
  • What we can offer each other
  • How we can connect with each other in new ways to support our work

The fact that we're all at Pause On Error already speaks to our commitment to community, and my instinct is that this could be a great discussion (and have side benefits for improving FileMaker's official efforts in this area). Please comment if you have ideas on how to focus it and make it work for you. Thanks!