Whats-His-Face? Whats-Her-Face? In-Your-Face!

Albert Harum-Alvarez

Mint Ballroom AB

Face it! Your app doesn't show its face to your users. No wonder your app doesn't tell its story well. Put your app on the big screen, and I'll help the group dish tough love on:

1. Putting a Good Face on Your Data Entities—the main characters in the story of your app. Choose the attributes that best "roll up" into a "face" for your entities. Faces are much more variable in the size, shape and dynamism of their elements than arms or shoulders or knees, precisely because faces are built for recognition. Which are the attributes of your data that help users recognize what's going on, and what they need to do next? Do you craft "vernacular IDs" or "actionable typing"? I think you should, and I'll show you how!

2. Characterizing Your App Itself—How do you define your app's relationship to its users? If your app were a dog, would it be a guard dog? A bloodhound? A service animal? Or is it more of a wolf??? Every app can be placed on a continuum based on the structure and density of its information architecture. I define the end points as "Neotenous" {think Betty Boop or Squarespace templates] and "Mature" [think Morgan Freeman or Yahoo Sports].

If you're already annoyed by this last sentence, then maybe you shouldn't come to this session. If your interest is piqued, then maybe you're ready to Face The Music. If you want to put your app on the screen, lemme know! I'm looking forward to it!