Extreme Abstraction

Chris Cain, Extensitech

Mint Ballroom
Extensitech is focused on custom solution development. However, a lot of our projects have some common attributes and requirements. It's important that we're able to re-use common functionality so that we can focus on the truly unique needs of a given solution rather than racking up time "reinventing the wheel", or doing a bunch of copy/paste/repoint.

Over the years we've developed a large store of reusable, portable code that we get to use over and over again. We've also developed some standards and conventions that allow us to programatically "interpret" our work.

With extensibility as our goal, we've ended up doing some things in ways that are unexpected and innovative. Even if they don't turn out to be your particular "cup of tea", you'll probably at least find these techniques thought-provoking, and hopefully find at least a few new tools for the toolbox.