Episode XIV: Marketing Awakens

Jay Gonzales

Mint Ballroom B

This will be an unconference-style discussion about marketing, social media, and/or related topics that the group decides are important. We can discuss anything from email marketing, blogging, social media, word-of-mouth/partners & referrals, video, events, advertising, websites/SEO, positioning, PR, etc.

None of these subjects are on the Certification test...but they're part of our business lives. We're mostly "veteran amateurs" at marketing, so our strategy is to use The Force (collaboration) to help each other. Marketing is a collection of Jedi Mind tricks, anyway, right? So, I thought the Star Wars "Jedi Council" might be an appropriate metaphor to describe our get-together to discuss these topics.

Some brainstorming questions:
- What are your goals for marketing? Who is your audience? How do you reach them?

- Do you sell FileMaker-related services or FileMaker-based products, and how does this differ? (Or are you an in-house developer or business person, and how do you need to "market" your solutions and services to others?)

- For marketing, what have you tried? What works? What doesn't? What are some good resources?

- How do you handle "personal branding"? Company marketing? FileMaker-platform marketing and evangelism?

- What's next? How are we going to get the word out, and save the galaxy with our products, services and awesome light sabers?

Suggest topics and questions here, and we'll create a (flexible) agenda beforehand, so we can maximize our time in the session.